This is the kind of part you want to skip because you just really really want to start to play. And if you decide to skip it, you may stumble many times and learn along the way. Initially, we didn’t want to plan too much before we left, because we know that a detailed itinerary is always a great source of disappointment. But we had no choice than to have at least a few things prepared for this approximately two month roadtrip accross Canada and the United States.

First, since the main action is going to happen on the road, Max bought an old forest green Honda CR-V. Did I say “old”? Because it’s old. And it’s rusty. But I guess green and brown fit pretty well in the natural habitat of mother nature. But he and my brother, who is a mechanic, helped me gain some trust in the project by working on the car and getting it ready to roll. The car, named Carl, seems to be doing just fine as I am now sitting in it and writing, on our way to our first stop. (There is also a small cactus getting tanned on the dashboard – his name is Carlos. He’s like Carl’s little brother from another mother.)


Since we want this trip to be as economic as possible, we plan to camp a lot, sleep in the car and cook by ourselves while traveling. You might have heard some people calling this “the van life”. Except we don’t have a van.

So, how did we adapt this car for a two month roadtrip? Good question. Max removed the two back seats to optimize the space and created an area under wooden planks that he built in a way that we can store food under it. On top of our home-made food storage, we placed a foam mattress since the bottom of the car’s trunk is now flat and large. We accomodated it with bed sheets, two pillows and a Batman blanket that my mother gave me long ago.

We also brought a luggage with two months of clothing for the both of us, for fall season. Man, was it hard to pick a small amount of clothes when you know the weather can have its mood swings during fall. It was easier this summer when I did a two week trip to Europe with only a backpack to contain all my stuff, given the fact that summer clothes occupy less space.

We also have a bag with hygiene utilities (dry shampoo for long hair is a savior, and baby wipes, I’ll tell you more about it later), sports shoes, sandals, rain boots, two types of coats each (for rain and for cold), a cooler with drinks and food, a ukulele with tabs in a binder, a light city bike each, a water tank, 3 jerry cans, a tool set (because we know very well that it would be boring if Carl was in a perfect shape, why not throw a flat tire at our faces Carl?), camping gear, and other things you’ll know about when we’ll need them.

Oh, and we also have a cat. You know her. But she is not stuff. She is love. She has her litter, her cage, and a leash for when she’ll take walks and go out with us.

I almost forgot to mention something really important to bring on a roadtrip, especially if you’re like me. That is chocolate. There is some in the glove box, next to my seat, in the food storage, in the back door’s compartiment and in my backpack. Just to make sure.

Now, let’s discover if we missed something. Life is always full of surprises.

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