Everything is packed, we said our good byes and are now on the road.

DAY1 auto.jpg

When Bea was taken out of the apartment to go in the car, I held her tight in my arms as she got nervous and sensitive to all the new smells and noises outside. I kissed her head and noticed how hot her ears felt against my lips. They were pink, as the blood must have rushed to satisfy her intense hearing needs of the moment. Her whiskers were all pointed out, ready to scan and analyze the absolute lack of danger she was exposed to.


When we finished packing, the car got a little heavier than expected, mainly because we have a lot of food and drinks. We can’t wait to eat some just to get rid of the weight, but we also need to be careful and have reasonable daily rations if we want our food to last long enough and not go shop again. We’ll need to go for fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, of course.

We left Montreal and are now heading to Mont-Tremblant. It’s a little detour in the North but apparently, it is worth it. The landscapes went from grey, cold, and monochromatic city dust to green pines and forests, with a touch of yellow, orange and red on some leaves that are ready to give up on life. The sun is slowly setting, letting its rays shine one last time across the green and rocky mountains.


We arrived at Mont-Tremblant and stopped in the parking lot of a grocery store to buy what it takes to make grilled vegetable sandwiches for supper. But first, Max called the camping site where we thought we made our reservation for the night, just to find out his bank card had possibly been defrauded. And we couldn’t make any new reservation anyhow because they wouldn’t take any new people after 7PM. I wasn’t expecting good news so early on.

So what we did is we parked in an isolated corner of that parking lot, grateful it was huge. That’s where we would sleep.¬†We didn’t mind since we had everything we needed. We changed into warmer clothes since it was getting pretty chilly outside. We cooked our first supper with the camping grill. Since we forgot a cutting board, I improvised a practical and clean way to cut vegetables, which was cutting them on top of the pan. It was almost as fun as playing Fruit Ninja. It worked out pretty well. Pro tip: Cooking with garlic isn’t just a good ally for your immune system, but it helps you repel mosquitoes and other charming thirsty insects. It felt really great to eat. The sandwich’s tastiness, softeness and warmth were a real joy for our soon-to-be-frozen bodies.


It didn’t take us very long to pack everything back since we felt tired and wanted to sleep. The cold sure helped to get us moving. While Max took care of clearing the mattress from stuff, I took Bea to walk around, always with her leash.

Earlier, she managed to escape from it while going deep into a bush after pulling too hard on it. It felt like that Jurassic Park scene where they feed a cow to a bunch of Velociraptors in an enclosure through some trees and the harness holding the cow came back empty. (You can watch the carnage here.)

I had the same expression of awfulness on my face. So now she’s wearing her harness a little tighter. She learns fast. She walks to our pace already and knows that it’s useless to pull on the leash, because she’ll just hurt herself. She was very calm and explored around.

DAY1 Bea

Going to bed felt good, finally, and it was a relief to see that with four layers of sheets, blankets and thick winter socks, we didn’t feel cold.

Bea is curved into a little ball, next to our legs, probably dreaming of some flying fish.

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