We woke up a little later than we were supposed to. I expected the sun to wake me up with its beams straight on the tent, but I guess it was asking too much. I told Max I slept well, and he told me he didn’t. He heard everything.

In the middle of the night, not only were there owls exchanging plans on how to chase the juiciest mice and squirrels around, but he heard something walking around the tent and scratching on it. He looked at me only to notice that my eyes were closed and my mouth was half-opened, so I wasn’t very helpful. But Bea reacted. She jumped and tried to get at it through the tent, hitting with her paws. How heroic, right? Max tried to look outside through a thin surface of the tent only to see nothing. Fortunately, the animal got away and everyone went back to sleep. I think it could have been a raccoon. Luckily we didn’t give him any reason to come back as we cleaned up after ourselves before getting to sleep and left no food outside.

Today, before breafast, I wanted to work out since I felt like my body shape was slowly adapting itself to the car seat. We exercised by the beach with an astonishing view again and a warming sun. I put some water on my face while Max dipped his body in the lake.


After eating, we packed everything to go back down to Montreal and drop some things we didn’t need. I couldn’t wait to have more space in the back of the car. Not only did it remove weight and save time, but maybe I’d be able to lay there to write, read, draw, get Bea to teach me cat-language and do other things.


On our way back, we played a guess the word game. The rules are very simple, but winning isn’t always. You just have to pick a word in your head and the other player has to ask any question he/she wants that you can only answer with yes or no. Max said he wasn’t good at those games and I found out his words quickly. I said that you have to ask the right questions (questions that act as filters, such as Is it tangible or not? Can you eat it? Can you wear it? Is it something we can feel?) and be curious. But I know it’s easier for me since I don’t drive and I don’t need to focus on the road.


After taking a short nap, I found myself waking up to the song Welcome to the jungle by Guns N’ Roses. I looked ahead as we were back in the city traffic of Montreal. Things are well made. It looked indeed very wild. Static, but wild.


As I crossed the entrance of my apartment with Bea in an arm and useless stuff in the other, it felt great to be there. Not that I wanted to be back home already, not at all, but because I’d be able to take a real shower, wash my clothes and eat some things I left in the freezer without worrying about the space or amount of water I’ll need to cook and wash the dishes.


We are back on the road again, now heading to Ottawa (Ontario). It’s 10 PM and we are supposed to arrive around midnight. Bea is extremely calm. Only two days ago, she used to meow and move a lot when the car was in movement with so many things to look at outside the windows. She only gets better.

It’s funny how when we crossed the line between Quebec and Ontario, the road got so smooth.

We stopped to sleep in an outlet parking as we arrived to Ottawa. We weren’t sure if there were any cameras or even if we’d get in trouble for being there since we were the only car there. Max went to the main entrance of the outlet to check the opening hours so that we can leave before all humans excited to spend their hard earned money on their unnecessary 17th pair of shoes arrive like excited jumping goats.

It would open at 9:30 AM tomorrow so we had plenty of time. We would wake up around 7. But as I was starting to slip under the sheets, a grey metal door opened on the left side of the outlet. It seemed like an employee who was doing a night shift. A little sense of panic grew in me as he was walking towards our side of the parking. He turned on his torchlight. Ouch. He stopped and finally opened a second door and went back inside. We waited and didn’t see him come back. We figured Max probably got his attention on some surveillance camera and that’s why he came to have a look.

That was our curfew.

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