Today, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise in the parking of the outlet. It was a mediocre night for both of us because of the heat and the stress of having someone possibly knock at our window. But we were lucky enough for it not to happen.


Then, we went to a popular fast food Canadian restaurant – whose first name is short for Timothy – for coffee, internet and basic human needs involving water and a flushing system.

We then drove to Sandbanks (Ontario). It took us about 2 hours.

Arriving to our camping site, we didn’t want to install the tent because we concluded that the car was more practical and secure, and it also saved time. Let’s say Bea isn’t going to fight some mystical night creature through the car doors while we sleep.

IMG_8502 copie.jpg

We then went to the beach. You can’t go to Sandbanks and not go to the beach. It was big and beautiful. Bea was too afraid to come close to the water – I assumed the roaring sound of the waves intimidated her – so we brought her back to the car. We swam in the lake. It wasn’t deep at all so we managed to go far and the water was just warm enough.


For supper, Max grilled potatoes by the fire inside some aluminum foil. He then made falafels and we ate them with hummus. It wasn’t so bad for a camping supper. Then the sweet alarm rang so we made S’mores sandwiches. It was perfectly gooey.

IMG_8589 copie.jpg

Of course I had to play some ukulele by the fire, so that’s what closed the day.

(Oh, and if you’re wondering, by the end of the day, I did have some sand in my shorts.)