We met a guy, probably in his early 60’s according to his grey moustache, who woke up in the same Walmart parking lot as us, but happily not in the same four-wheeled drive. He had one of those big white-soon-to-be-creamy-white RV’s. He started to speak Québécois with us. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who are going to miss Québec’s dynamic (dynamited) streets. He told us he started the same way as us, rolling in a Transformer about to commit suicide at any given opportunity. And… He was also heading to Vancouver! How amazing! You try to leave your hometown behind and it finds a way to follow you around.

Today is frankly very boring (yet) so there isn’t going to be much to say. We are still rolling on the Trans-Canada highway, the longest road in Canada (7 821 km). It goes from the East side (St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador) to the West side of the country (Victoria, British Columbia). Our plan for tonight is to stop at Thunder Bay (Ontario) to sleep and reach Winnipeg (Manitoba) tomorrow.


The landscapes are astonishing. We often have nice views on the Lake Superior (South of Ontario), trees colourfully dressed and signs that warn you from trespassing turtles. Why did the turtle cross the road?

IMG_8771 (



We gave Carl a break and stopped at a panoramic view to eat supper and let Bea put her Indiana Jones exploration talents at use. I think she really enjoyed the sunset.




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