I didn’t want to write today but something made me grab my thoughts and spill them on the table like a kid playing with his alphabet soup.

Being on a road trip means having a lot of time in the car to do different small things. Or big ones. One of those is something I really, really like. That is listening to music. But I will try to explain how a song just made me feel like so you will probably be able to put yourself in my shoes, or maybe rekindle something you felt recently or long ago. A good writer could do that.

Marilena: I challenge you.
Marilena: Challenge accepted.

I’d ask you to close your eyes for better focus but then you won’t be able to read my words. So just go somewhere quiet, keep away from distraction and keep those jewels going.

We’ve probably all felt this.

When you listen to a song whose lyrics touch that part of you. That part that was buried somewhere inside your dusty rib cage for a long time, or that you didn’t even know was there. It pierces you, and goes further than what you expected. It makes you think about something you could’ve had, or that you could reach but don’t know how, or that you lost. The worst is when you don’t know which of these three is the one happening to you.

Then you start to get quiet.

And you listen.

And you start to stare blankly to whatever is around you. Your eyes wander. But your ears don’t. Neither does your mind.

You listen to what the words say. You wish that song wouldn’t have played in the first place. But your attention is still on it. It caught you. It speaks to you. Like it was written for you.

You become alone, stuck with your thoughts.

And you remember.

And you wish.

And you get shivers, and are surprised you trembled. Maybe you get a little uncomfortable. Maybe there are some tears that try to climb up and that you try to push back down. And you think of how you could do something to change what causes you to react to that wound you thought was healed, or that you just never wanted to see.

Or how you could just skip to the next song and not think about it anymore.


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